In case the title din't tip you off, this is an anti-Donald Trump song. Which means 30% of you are probably already looking for the thumbs down button. That's ok. My goal with this song was not to try to convert anyone who disagrees with me. My goal was to create a sonic release valve for my unspeakable levels of frustration at the current state of things in America and to offer it up to those who do agree with me. The photos which serve as the foundation for this video were taken at The Women's March in New York and LA, the March for Our Lives in LA, and at various Black Lives Matter protests --all since Trump took office. It serves as a sad scrap book for the near constant (and necessary) state of protest we've been in for the past 3 1/2 years. I hope this song makes you to want to go vote even more than you already did.


“What You Get” is the second single and official video from my upcoming, debut LP, “Spare Room.” This song is about navigating the world—from childhood through working life—with dyslexia. But actually, it’s about self-doubt, worrying you’re different, or not good enough, and ultimately, learning to slay your own demons. Enjoy. And if you do, please like, share, follow and subscribe below.


"Can't Find the Ocean" is the first single and first official video from my upcoming album, "Spare Room." Written in airports, in the backs of taxis, and on long flights, this song is about the toll and dislocation of endless work travel. I have kept every boarding pass for every flight I have taken over the past 20 years in a box in my closet. Somewhere around the time I needed a second box to hold them all, I realized the flights were also taking me.



Get yourself some sweet "(Keep Mar-a-Lago) I Want America Back" merch. 100% of the proceeds go to Biden For President. And, hey, it's a great way to get to know your neighbors better!


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